About Matt

I have started this blog in order to follow my experiences and growth through cooking, from my favourite recipes, to my culinary experiments, and everything in between. I can't promise that all of my recipes will work out wonderfully, especially those that are a little adventurous.  I will be having fun though, and I hope you will too.

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About me:
I am a Computer Games Development undergraduate student from the UK. I study computer programming, yet my blog is about cooking, what must I be thinking? I love cooking, it is always the highlight of any day for me. That feeling when anyone eats something I have made, when someone enjoys my food, it's really something else.

I have no previous experience in food photography, no experience in writing about food, but I have been making good food ever since I was small. I hope to improve my photography and writing skills in order for people to better enjoy the recipes I post, to enjoy the food I make in a completely different way.

All of the pictures used are my own, taken just after the recipe has been cooked, and just before I eat it. The recipes are my own except where stated otherwise, and even then they are most likely adaptations from the originals and will be noted as such in the post.

I can be contacted by e-mail at mattscookingsecrets@live.co.uk