Friday, 18 March 2011

And finally...

Got the Hrecipe microformat rich snippet to work. I started with a recipe formatted using RecipeSEO. It is a plug-in for wordpress, however there is an on-line tool on the website which gives you the code to use in other blog platforms like blogger.

After getting the formatted recipe, I decided I wanted to personalise the layout, re-arrange some parts of it, and add in a few things that it didn't. I quickly found that I don't like blogger's "edit HTML" part of posting, and copied the HTML into my own editor to work on.

If anyone would like some basic recipe rich snippet code, let me know. It's useful to have in the post template and fill in as you go along, but it will require small amounts of html editing for each recipe. The advantages are that your recipes will turn up in google's recipe search, which will be nice.

Just a quick update today, might post some more later after I sleep. Still working on the design/layout of the blog, looking a lot better already though.

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