Sunday, 20 March 2011

Today, rather than doing university work

Today, rather than doing university work, I have:

  • Commented about roast potatoes on Simply Homemade.
  • Almost made myself sick by eating too much of a rich egg concoction with an empty stomach.
  • Tried to link my blog to my Facebook page here. I think I almost have it set up to display new posts, but the like button on my blog works just fine.
I will fix my first post to use the Hrecipe microformat stuff later today, and I will hopefully remember to post a couple of recipes for eggs, but be warned, one is the extremely rich one I mentioned earlier.

I think I like doing things this way, one or two recipes a week, and then a few short posts in between. It gives me something to do, and hopefully is pretty interesting to read what I get up to during the week.

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