Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Recipe Search? Summer plans.

When I can't remember how long ago I last posted, it's time to post again. I was recently reading about what other people think of the google recipe search, it's a good read for any food blogger. As anyone might figure out from my older posts(here and here), I have the rich snippets working on my recipes, although it required quite some effort even after looking at how two popular plug-ins implement them (the recipe wiz and recipeSEO). It has been noted that Google's recipe search may not find your recipes even if you use the rich snippets if you don't have enough pages implementing them, or not enough of the page implements them. Not to mention that blogger, owned by Google, doesn't have any simple way to add rich snippets, I have to add mine by hand in the HTML editor each time (I have a template saved to my hard-drive that I use in an external HTML editor because it colours things nicely).

I have a ton of take away menus strewn about my floor, not because I eat take away meals often but because some of them have interesting meal ideas. I will be attempting(in the future) to recreate these meals in much more tasty and healthy way. It's a shame that the take away restaurants are expensive and poor quality, some of the food sounds really amazing. So look out this summer for my take out meal inspired recipes, I'm sure they will be a tasty and healthy way to enjoy take away favourites.

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